Kagan’s Football Savings Challenge

Pillow: Dollar Savings App
5 min readOct 11, 2022

This EPL season, don’t just follow your favourite football team, but also make it an opportunity to save and earn dollars. Let us show you how:

Your favourite tech influencer KaganTech has launched a Football Savings challenge on the Pillow Fund app, where participants save in dollars for every goal their favourite team scores. Kagan will save $20 for every goal of his favourite team Manchester City. At the end of the tournament, Kagan will give away all of his savings to the highest saver of the challenge. That’s not all. Pillow Fund will also randomly select 5 winners from the leaderboard who will get giveaways worth $100.

For your queries, please refer to the FAQs below:

What is Kagan’s saving challenge?

It is a savings challenge on the Pillow Fund app launched by KaganTech. This challenge encourages participants to save some amount in dollars for every goal of their favourite EPL team. Kagan is also going to save $20 for every goal of his team Manchester City. This way, all participants enjoy the daily interest in their savings and they also have a chance to win exciting rewards by the end of the challenge!

How can I participate in Kagan’s savings challenge?

Please follow the steps below:

  • Download the Pillow Fund app from Appstore or Playstore (if you are new to Pillow Fund).
  • Sign up or Sign in using your email address.
  • On the Home page, please scroll down to see the card that says “Kagan savings challenge” and click on this card.
  • You will be redirected to the Savings challenge website. Now simply click on “Join the challenge” and enter the details of which team you wish to support. Click “Submit”
  • Now go back to the Pillow app and make your deposit which will be counted towards your score on the challenge.
  • The more you save, the more your chances to win!
  • Check the leaderboard every 12 hours to see where you stand against the other participants.

How can I check my performance on Kagan’s savings challenge?

On the Home page, click on the card that says “Kagan savings challenge”. You will be redirected to a website that has the leaderboard. Search for your name on the leaderboard to see where you stand against your friends. Please note that the leaderboard will be updated every 12 hours, so if you save today, please check the leaderboard 12 hours later.

What if I have already signed up & deposited on the Pillow app? How can I participate in the challenge?

You can still participate in the challenge. Just register for the challenge at https://www.pillow.fund/submission. All your savings on the Pillow Fund app from Oct 11 onwards will be counted towards the challenge.

How can I win Kagan’s savings challenge?

There is just one simple rule — save more to win more! Please make sure to make a deposit every time your team scores a goal. The deposit can be of any amount, but we encourage you to deposit $5 or more for every goal.

What are the prizes of Kagan’s savings challenge?

Kagan is saving $20 for every goal that his team scores. Here’s the catch, by the end of the tournament — Kagan will give away all his savings to the highest saver on the leaderboard.

There’s more! Five lucky winners will also get $100 from the Pillow Fund team as giveaways.

What is the timeline of Kagan’s savings challenge?

The challenge is active from 11th October 2022 to 13th November 2022. The savings made on Pillow during the same duration will be counted towards the score.

I deposited before signing up for the Kagan challenge. Am I still eligible?

Yes, you are eligible. However, only the deposits you make on Pillow on or after 11th October till the 13th of November will be counted towards your savings in the Kagan’s Football savings challenge.

Will I get the interest on my savings or is the deposit counted only towards the lucky winner’s reward?

You continue to earn daily interest on savings as with your other deposits. By participating in the challenge, you also get a chance to win Kagan’s savings and other rewards associated with the challenge.

How long do I need to save?

The Kagan savings challenge started on October 11, 2022, and is active till November 13, 2022. However, you keep earning up to 14% annual interest, paid out daily, on your savings for as long as you hold your savings on Pillow.

What happens if I withdraw and deposit again?

Only your net savings (total deposits — total withdrawals) are counted towards your “Total savings”. For example, if you deposited $10 and withdrew $2 and then deposited $1 again, then your total savings will be $10 — $2 + $1 = $9.

I forgot to deposit one week — am I still eligible to win?

Yes, everyone is eligible to win irrespective of the frequency with which you are saving. However, in order to build a saving habit and get a higher chance to win, it is important to save more and save often.

I have already joined the challenge but the banner on the app says Join Challenge again. Do I have to register?

That’s alright. Once you have joined the challenge, you don’t need to register again. You can click the banner to view your position on the leaderboard. The leaderboard is updated once every 12 hours.

Can I move my existing deposit to the Rewards challenge?

You do not need to move your existing deposits. All deposits made on or after 11th October 2022 are counted towards your total savings in the Kagan Football Savings Challenge.

I wrote $5 in the registration form and I deposit $1. Will it still count toward the challenge?

Yes, any deposits you make are counted towards the challenge. However, we encourage you to build a savings habit and consistently saving while enjoying the football game is a great way to go about it!

What if my pillow email is different from my registered email for the challenge?

Only emails registered on Pillow will be eligible for the challenge. To get started, sign up on the Pillow app, register for the savings challenge using the same email and get started saving!

I have not used the Kagan code to signup. Can I still participate in the challenge?

Yes, anyone can participate in Kagan’s savings challenge. You just need to sign up on the Pillow app, register for the savings challenge and start saving.