Guide for Nigeria Users 🇳🇬: How to Withdraw crypto from Pillow account to any wallet/exchange

Pillow: Dollar Savings App
1 min readSep 14, 2022

GM Nigerian Users!

Pillow Crypto Savings app is now live in Nigeria. You can now deposit or transfer crypto from any exchange / wallet to your Pillow account. After depositing, you will start earning daily crypto rewards on your deposit.

If you deposit $1000 on the Pillow app in the USDx case, you can earn $130 interest in a year.

For crypto withdrawals, please follow the below steps:

1. Go to the 2nd tab on your Pillow app

2. On this tab, you will see a “Withdraw” button under USD case. Select the “Crypto” option

4. On the Withdraw screen, you will now see the network ERC-20. You can change the network based on your blockchain wallet. If you are transferring on Ethereum network, you can select ERC-20. If you are transferring on Binance Smart Chain, you can select BEP-20.

5. Input the blockchain wallet address and input the amount.

7. Select withdraw.

8. Your withdrawal will be processed

Voila! Your withdrawal will be credited very soon depending on the network you’ve transferred on.

For any queries or support, do reach out to

Happy Savings!

Team Pillow